About Us

Borg & Aquilina Limited is a company of well established importers and distributors of Food, Beverages, Washing Detergents and Healthcare Products. The Company was founded in 1916 and has since developed and diversified its operation becoming a leading importer and a key strategic player within this highly competitive market.

Today the Company is proud to employ 80 highly trained members of staff, creating the right synergy throughout the Company. The Company's management structure comprises of Finance & Administration, 3 separate Business Units for Brand & Sales Management, Catering Business Unit, Chilled & Frozen Business Unit, Business Development, Marketing, Merchandising & Promotions and Logistics Departments.

The Company adopted a lean structure with a very clear vision for the future. It also developed a hands-on management structure which also focuses on a constant contact with our Client's requests. At B&A, we quickly adapt and respond positively to the ever changing needs of the market environment we work in. 

Borg & Aquilina Limited operates its own distribution set-up and has a vast distribution network across the market. We also pride ourselves in deliverng our quality products to our clients within 24 hours of having the Sales Order. All the Company's fleet of vehicles are fully equipped with satellite GPS tracking software, ensuring that all areas of distribution are covered. The Company is proud to avail itself of the highest quality and extremely spacious warehousing facilities across the Maltese Islands.

As a result of this constant market focus, the Company has gained a wealth of practical experience in the food and beverage industry.

Our business portfolio encompasses the Wholesale, Retail and Catering market sectors, having the Company’s strong Sales force making weekly visits to our large client base.

The Company invests heavily in IT software, in order to have cutting edge technology which always ensures that the Company spearheads the market and its competitive forces.

Through our motivated staff at Borg & Aquilina Limited, the Company commits itself to dedicated work input and finance in order to carefully plan out product focused and target oriented marketing strategies designed to keep our products amongst the leaders in this highly competitive field.

Borg & Aquilina Limited, through its wealth of experience and strategic direction, spearheads the market attentively, in spite of the competitive market forces present in the local retail scenario which constantly changes and which becomes ever more aggressive. Throughout the years, our efforts have resulted in making our products brand leaders in their respective markets and thus establishing the Company as a market leader in its own right.


A dedicated and focused management set-up that puts in dedicated work and takes timely and necessary strategic decisions, in order to face very stiff competition and other market challenges that might arise.

STANDING STRONG for over 90 years!

About - Management TeamThe Company has been established since 1916 and has since grown to become amongst the top local leading importers and distributors, working hand in hand with Maltese retailers for over 90 years.

The Company's dedicated management team has its main priorities at heart as it were then. We strive to offer premium quality products, at the right price and at the best possible service to the Maltese consumers, to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our management team has gained a wealth of experience in the food, beverage, healthcare and detergent products and the Company is today considered to be amongst the leading suppliers in this field.

It takes a great deal of effort, hard work and dedication of all staff, to be able to offer the wide range of high quality brand names to Maltese consumers, and that is the reason why each product we import is carefully and selectively examined, before being placed in the market for every consumer to enjoy.


This Sector within the Company comprises of distinct Sales Business Units, which are individually managed by the respective Brand & Sales Managers. Each Unit has a team of Sales Representatives assigned to it, who in-turn directly sell the range of products pertaining to that particular Unit.

Each of the 20 Sales Representatives have the right communication skills, which provide our clients with quality customer service and attention at all times. Our Sales Representatives are trained to be aggresive in the market, whilst maintaining a discreet and diplomatic attitude. They are also highly knowledgeable about the USPs of the products being sold, and able to clearly communicate this to our customers.

Patience and a positive attitude are also the right attributes that our Sales Representatives embrace, in order to constantly offer an excellent service to our customers.


Chilled & Frozen DepartmentA Business Unit that specialises in various quality and top-end products like, cooked meat cuts, salami, cheeses, yogurts, butter and smoothies drinks amongst others.

This unit caters for both retail and catering markets and is ever increasing its portfolio consistently and in line with what the market demands.

This BU is managed independently from any other within the Company, and mainly focuses on the needs and demands of its customers that request that particular chilled and/or frozen item.


A Unit within the Company that comprises of a specific and focused Business Unit, which addresses the needs and wants of catering establishments, such as, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Kiosks, Canteens and others.

It is managed independently from the Retail Sales Sector, and focuses solely on sourcing out products requested, needed and used by the Catering Markets, at the right price and of the right quality.





A Department that is managed and is mainly responsible for six major functional areas within the Company, being:- general and export marketing, communications (above the line and below the line) and branding, publications, packaging, Company's website/s and other electronic communications technologies, as well as, media relations.

Marketing, also heads the Merchandising Unit within the Company, and constantly supervises and monitors this Unit accurately and attentively, in order to ensure 1) that the Company's portfolio of products is being properly displayed, 2) that shelf space is being correctly controlled at all times and 3) that the shelves within the retail outlets are constantly stacked adequately with our products.


A function which plans, develops and implements Company strategy in addressing new sales opportunities, in order to maximize and strengthen Company's revenues. It also oversees the Company's Sales organisation and its regular development.

A Sector that establishes, maintains and ensures to secure that all possible sales opportunities across the Retail and Catering Sales Sectors are constantly met. There is also constant liaison with other functional departmental managers, so as to understand all the necessary aspects associated with the Company's operational functions.


The backbone of the Company that is vital to the Supply Chain. The Company operates its own distribution set-up and has a vast distribution network across the country. A large fleet of vans and trucks exists, that covers, on a daily basis all the necessary delivery zones across Malta and Gozo.

We are also proud to avail ourselves with the highest quality and extremely spacious warehousing facilities across the country, which help us stock and store the necessary products we import and which we de-stack daily for delivery to the Clients' various retail and catering outlets and shops.


The Sector which plans out, co-ordinates and administers the daily functions of running the business within our Company. It also encompasses Finance and Accounts, Shipping & Customs documentation, general ad hoc Administrative Services, Purchasing, Invoicing and Credit Control, as well as, Human Resource functions.

Finance Planning, within the Company, rates and evaluates Company growth projections, controls annual budget expenditures and cash flows and finally overlooks investment strategies that are apt for the Company's future growth.