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Ye Olde Oak

An international brand that encompasses Hot Dog & Finest Hot Dogs, Cold Meats and Ready Meals.

Hot Dogs which are pleasantly firm, prepared in accordance with a unique, traditional recipe. The hotdogs are available in various kinds, including the well-known Frankfurters, American hotdogs, Giant hotdogs and cocktail sausages.
The wide range of cold meat products covers the delicious hams, chicken or turkey products. The premium ham of Ye Olde Oak has been a welcome guest in the local kitchen for years on end.  !

The ready meals of Ye Olde Oak are delicious oriental meals, ready in no time. Combined with rice or noodles, they make a delicious complete meal.

The Finest Hot Dogs range consists of hotdogs and frankfurters which are made using carefully selected ingredients and the finest meat, using no artificial aromas and flavourings in their preparation.

Bockwurst Style Hot Dogs x 8 -
Bockwurst Style Hot Dogs x 8
Canned Meat -
Canned Meat
Fiery Chilly Dogs x 6 -
Fiery Chilly Dogs x 6
Hotdogs -
Hotdogs -
Jumbo Hot Dogs x 6 -
Jumbo Hot Dogs x 6
Ye Olde Oak Canned Food -
Ye Olde Oak Canned Food