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A genuine taste of Spain!

This brand signifies a series of speciality food, the likes of Olive Oils, Olive specialities, as well as, different types and flavours of Vinegars. This international brand is one, with an individual personality which reflects premium quality, tradition and confidence.

Capers in Jars -
Capers in Jars
Extra Virgin Olive Oils -
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Fragata Herbal Teas -
Fragata Herbal Teas
Fragata Vinegars -
Fragata Vinegars
Olive Oils -
Olive Oils
Olives in Plastic Packs -
Olives in Plastic Packs
Olives Mix (by country) -
Olives Mix (by country)
Onions/Hot Pepper/Capers -
Onions/Hot Pepper/Capers
Pitted olives (catering) -
Pitted olives (catering)
Pitted Olives in Jars -
Pitted Olives in Jars
Sliced Olives & Onions in Jars -
Sliced Olives & Onions in Jars
Stuffed Olives -
Stuffed Olives
Whole Olives in Jars -
Whole Olives in Jars