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Cini Tal-Mija

Cini Tal-Mija...Home of Superior Meats!

A wide variety of local and imported products to suit your taste!

Amongst other products we stock:-

• Arrosto Ham x 3.75Kgs
• Porketta x 4Kgs
• Gammon x 5.5Kgs
• Streaky Bacon x 5Kgs
• Collar Bacon x 5Kgs

Arrosto Ham x 3.75Kgs -
Arrosto Ham x 3.75Kgs
Collar Bacon x 2.5Kgs -
Collar Bacon x 2.5Kgs
Gammon x 5.5Kgs -
Gammon x 5.5Kgs
Porketta x 4Kgs -
Porketta x 4Kgs
Streaky Bacon x 5Kgs -
Streaky Bacon x 5Kgs